Формоотделящ (силиконов) спрей – 500 ml

Формоотделящ (силиконов) спрей

6.50 лв.

Формоотделящ (силиконов) спрей – 500 ml


it is a versatile lubricant. it is characterized by being colorless and odorless that we can use it in maintenance workshops, auto service centers as prevention against door tire cracking in cold weather, protection of tires and vehicle hood, hoses radiator, seat belt mechanism, seat rail protection and lubrication, maintenance and dust containment parts such as vehicle front louvers, bumpers, door tubes as it is used in textiles, at home and in the office.

It is also a very good mold release agent which can be used in the mold industry.

it is used to clean and lubricate parts,

it helps reduce friction and noise,

it does not generate static electricity. And used to provide good protection.


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